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Crossroads for Teens (CRFT)

Crossroads for Teens

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CRFT Premise - Funding exists for every

student’s gifts, talents, and passions

  • What it is: Systematic, Coaching supported, Career and college planning

  • Who is it for: Middle and high school students

  • Where delivered: Local meeting site or virtually

  • When: Monthly between September and May

  • How it is different : Structured research and planning activities

  • Why you want to participate: 87% ($12M) total cost of attendance merit awards past 10 years

  • Cost: $210 annual subscription

  • 15 hour monthly commitment

  • New Chapter Requirements for your Community (15-50 Students, Volunteer Facilitator, 1 Volunteer Coach for every 5 Students)

Contact Kirk Patterson at   or
or 770-827-4324

There is no a "No Returns Accepted" Policy for this subscription.

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